Where do you learn best with others?

This week I spoke at my first face-to-face conference since the start of COVID - StretchCon in Budapest. And what a conference it was! The full experience - a beautiful old cinema, a large and enthusiastic crowd, professionally produced, and I got to meet and talk with really interesting speakers and audience. The topics were … Continue reading Where do you learn best with others?

Are you authentic?

Isn’t it interesting how all the important words — like ‘leadership’, ‘culture’, ‘innovation’, ‘management’ — are open to so many different meanings? ‘Authenticity’ is the same. And, like the rest of them, it’s usually a code for ‘I believe you should be this way’. I’m going to do the same, sorry 🙂 For me, authenticity involves speaking into the world … Continue reading Are you authentic?

Transduction – leading transformation – Issue #68

Read all this more nicely done at https://www.getrevue.co/profile/antlerboy The usual groaning smørrebrød table…featuringMissionsMastodonGovCampthe Quipuerotic noircybersemioticsCave and Drakethe science of lifethe roots of healthQatari water slidesComplexity tourismcollaborative designpunctuated equilibriasave local governmentcybernetics and controlambulance waiting timesan erotic framework for cyberneticsa surprising amount on Autopoiesis cybernetics and evolutionary changethe class of ‘books enjoyed by #wordrotators’strengths-based work in a deficit-based systemand … Continue reading Transduction – leading transformation – Issue #68

Isn’t it sometimes like this?

One time in the North, there were three moose hunters. The Midjourney art didn’t go as well for this one… They hire one of those planes that lands on water, to take them out into the wilderness to go moose hunting. The plane drops them off and they say, “See you back this time on Friday.” … Continue reading Isn’t it sometimes like this?

Modeling Autopoiesis and Cognition with Reaction Networks

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Complexity Digest

Francis Heylighen, Evo Busseniers

Maturana and Varela defined an autopoietic system as a self-regenerating network of processes. We reinterpret and elaborate this conception starting from a process ontology and its formalization in terms of reaction networks and chemical organization theory. An autopoietic organization can be modelled as a network of “molecules” (components) undergoing reactions, which is (operationally) closed and self-maintaining. Such organizations, being attractors of a dynamic system, tend to self-organize—thus providing a model for the origin of life. However, in order to survive in a variable environment, they must also be resilient, i.e. able to recover from perturbations. According to the cybernetic law of requisite variety, this requires cognition, i.e. the ability to recognize and compensate perturbations. Such cognition becomes more effective as it learns to accurately anticipate perturbations by discovering invariant patterns in its interactions with the environment. Nevertheless, the resulting predictive model remains a subjective construction. Such…

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“Be authentic!” “No, not like THAT!”

How often do leadership, management, and development courses actually squash innovation — and even put people into a double bind? So often, organisations claim that they want ‘sparky’, ‘authentic’, ‘challenging’ people to ‘be empowered’ and ‘move up the hierarchy’. And, so often, when they send them on the training courses designed to empower that, they get ‘surprising’ … Continue reading “Be authentic!” “No, not like THAT!”

Transduction – leading transformation – Issue #67

Fortnightly, I think… Mostly systems | complexity | cybernetics as so often the case, no time for interludes and parsing tweets - except I’ve now determinedly activated antlerboy@mastodon.social! Is it the best album ever, or did you just hear it first between the ages of 14 and 24?Join the discussion at https://www.linkedin.com/posts/antlerboy_has-the-world-changed-or-have-i-changed-activity-6993473796162637824-qUpT *Many of the ideas in … Continue reading Transduction – leading transformation – Issue #67

Is it the best album ever, or did you just hear it first between the ages of 14 and 24?

Join the discussion at https://www.linkedin.com/posts/antlerboy_has-the-world-changed-or-have-i-changed-activity-6993473796162637824-qUpT *Many of the ideas in this post are stolen from tweets, which I now cannot find to reference Are they the best mentor in the world, or did they just give you a kind word and help your career when you started? Do young workers have weird expectations, interact all … Continue reading Is it the best album ever, or did you just hear it first between the ages of 14 and 24?

What are your #antimetrics — things which, simply measuring them, make things worse?

Join the debate at https://www.linkedin.com/posts/antlerboy_adventures-with-antimetrics-activity-6990933031825911809-DfkW (and see how many ‘anti’ things you can identify in the slides)  What are your #antimetrics — things which, simply measuring them, make things worse? __ We’ve all seen outspoken people twist themselves into their masks because of the social media metrics, fame, and infamy that unpleasant talking points bring them. We’ve seen … Continue reading What are your #antimetrics — things which, simply measuring them, make things worse?

Transduction – leading transformation – Issue #66

See nicely formatted at https://www.getrevue.co/profile/antlerboy Still looking for a bid and operations coordinator for RedQuadrant - two years experience in relevant consultancy bid / UK public sector required. Seeking a bid and operations coordinator for RedQuadrantA second role currently available — a bid and operations coordinator to be at the heart of @RedQuadrant and help to shape … Continue reading Transduction – leading transformation – Issue #66