Transduction – leading transformation – Issue #75

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I am in dispute with Hunter Boots

Join the discussion on LinkedIn: Why I am in dispute with Hunter Boots.It goes like this…My delightful and charming niece and nephew needed new wellies. I wanted to buy them a present. And there was a sale at the very high end Hunter Boots. Hurrah!The new WhatsApp channel ‘Wellie discourse’ was created, and after an … Continue reading I am in dispute with Hunter Boots

Transduction – leading transformation – Issue #74

Hello everyone, here's the first Revue-free weekly update from me, thanks to Amber Griffiths who is now assisting.  Likes, comments, and shares on any and all of this are very welcome and send a nice warning signal in these cold days! As well as confirming that someone is reading these things.... My conundrum of the … Continue reading Transduction – leading transformation – Issue #74

The problem with consulting

Join the discussion on LinkedIn: Lots of people criticise consultants, and so do I. I even created and led ‘The Campaign Against Consultancy’. There can be a premium on slickness over authenticity, telling you what you want and giving you what you ask for — answers, a very clever report based on detailed analytics and benchmarking — rather than … Continue reading The problem with consulting

Transduction – leading transformation – Issue #73

Also available, more nicely done, at This will be the last update from me via Revue, as they close it down. I hate when they do that! Please connect with me via: Chosen Path BlogLinkedin Newsletter subscription linkSubstack Newsletter linkTwitterLinkedInMastodon Amber Griffiths, the RedQuadrant management trainee, is working to find a way to collate … Continue reading Transduction – leading transformation – Issue #73

What haunts your fever dreams?

People often say I should do some personal LinkedIn posts — ‘let them see the real you’. Well, this might go beyond that — I’m asking what weirdness comes out of you when you’re a little bit out of your mind? ___ The first time I nearly died from a stomach bug, I was staying in the home of … Continue reading What haunts your fever dreams?

Transduction – leading transformation – Issue #72

Also available, more nicely done, at Next RedQuadrant tool shed cohort start January 16 - contact me if you’re interested at (see for more)Otherwise, Happy New Year and remember Revue only has one or two weeks left, so if you’re reading this on Revue, please sign up for my newsletter on LinkedIn or my blog on … Continue reading Transduction – leading transformation – Issue #72

There’s a problem with #AdaptiveLeadership.

And it’s actually the problem with most #leadership and #management approaches. Join the discussion on Linkedin: First of all, what is Adaptive Leadership? It’s an approach developed over more than 20 years by Ronald Heifetz, Marty Linsky, and their colleagues at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government It’s frequently used in coaching and teaching leadership … Continue reading There’s a problem with #AdaptiveLeadership.

Do you have question for me?

I have a question for you! How, if at all, should I continue with my writing? During the lockdown, I started #linkedinhacking - exploring how to work with the algorithm to share things and get engagement on LinkedIn. I've been posting at least weekly ever since, sharing tools, theories, ideas and perspectives.It's been a lot of fun … Continue reading Do you have question for me?