What would *you* do to improve this organisation?

Here’s another ‘transformation’ teaser!

Our job was to prepare young people at risk of getting involved with drugs, crime, abuse, and therefore the criminal justice system to on expeditions to places like Kinabalu or Belize (with others, including the young British Princes).

They had to complete a series of things over twelve months:

* several specific personal development programmes we ran at scheduled times

* personal fundraising to pay for part of their equipment

Two Humorous Anecdotes from Colonel John Blashford-Snell on his experience  of leadership, motivation,communication, inspiration, team-building and  problem solving. | The Vintage Magazine – Save the Best for Last

We had enough charitable funds to send a certain number of young people on each expedition.

There were six expeditions a year; for each one, we ran a ‘selection weekend’ twelve months before the expedition date.

It was a nightmare.

These people were working from disadvantage, often with chaotic lives.

Despite all our support and their key workers, they didn’t all make it through all the programmes and the fundraising, so we had empty expedition slots – what a waste!

What would you do to improve this system?

* I’m going to come back on Friday and give ‘the answer’ – what we actually did. I’ll answer any questions in the comments! *

#organisation #improvement #transformation

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