#Ask me anything!

I’m trying out ‘Racket’ – so you have a chance to ask me about

Systems | Cybernetics | Complexity in Public | Service | Transformation…

and anything else you’d like…

Image Jernej Furnman CC2.0 https://www.flickr.com/photos/91261194@N06/51081901577

Leave a 30-second voicemail here and I’ll reply:
👉🏻 https://racket.com/antlerboy/ask 👈🏻

Or you can just ask me in the comments – what questions do you have for me?

#innovation #management #complexity #systemsthinking #cybernetics #transformation #publicservices

One thought on “#Ask me anything!

  1. And on Wednesday I’m hosting the Public Sector Show (29/30 June) – a brilliant conference starting on Tuesday. Free tickets still available at https://publicsectorshow.co.uk/

    So the best questions will go into the discussions!

    It’s billed as ‘procurement’ but actually is at least partly about how we can reconsider how money is turned into public outcomes!


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