CPORT task definition

‘Clarity is kindness’ says Brene Brown. So here’s an easy way to generate #clarity – what’s your favourite way to do it?

And I’ve seen lack of clarity create organisational problems more often than perhaps anything else.

Don’t get me wrong – this isn’t imposing clarity on complexity, attempts to define and control, limits, fake certainty.

This is about getting clear about relationships, expectations, commitments – how we will work together, given what we know and our understanding of the situation.

In fact, because ‘command-and-control’ and ‘micro management’ get a bad name – for good reasons – good people are often afraid to offer clarity. And lack of clarity is unkind, it leads to failure and bad working relationships.

CPORT is useful acronym to generate TASK clarity:
> Context – what do we know? what are the limits of the work?
> Purpose – why are you doing this task?
> Outcome – what does a good result look like?
> Resources – what can you call upon to do the work?
> Time – what is critical about when this needs to be done?

CPORT task definition

Done right, it unlocks #innovation and #creativity in #organisations

What’s your favourite way to generate creative clarity?
Some other ways to generate clarity:

Seven steps to heaven – team decision-making in complexity (decision-making clarity) https://lnkd.in/guW-Rmu

Developing clarity with the three-box model: https://lnkd.in/gwdKsFz


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