Speaking gigs – what do you think?

Do you have tips how to get the best results out of them?

My mission seems to be to spread the good-humoured word about systems | cybernetics | complexity.

I wanted to change the world by transforming consultancy and transforming public services, and, well, in the words of Tesla about the ‘self-driving’ myth – ‘the real world turns out to be a lot more detailed’. So that’s on the long-term list!

I really appreciate speaking opportunities and tend to take most of them, but it’s very hard to evaluate impact: for me or the participants.

I’ve got a few coming up and so I’m preparing. I want to create a good experience and really interest and engage participants. And, as I make my money from consultancy and teaching and sharing, I want people to remember me if they are looking for support.

Of course, what I always get from these gigs is a chance to refine and sort my thinking, and a chance to listen to and network with some amazing speakers and participants – just take a look at the speaker lists to see!

Here’s what I have for the Autumn:

> The RedQuadrant tool shed

New cohorts launching soon: my support and tool shed for your coaching / consulting / facilitation


> Systems Convening book launch webinar September 2

(I’m only speaking for about two minutes at this, to be fair – but it’s a good opportunity to give another plug for what I think is an important book)

> Australasian Change Days September 9-11

Sarah Glenister and team have again put together an event which is both an outstanding conference and a great experience of being in community. It’s in Australia – if you’re out of time zone, a discount could be available, contact me.


> the OperationalResearch Society OR63 September 14-16

I’m honoured and strangely overawed to be giving the systems thinking stream practitioner keynote, with Angela Espinosa giving the academic keynote, and some truly brilliant sessions in the stream)


> Conscious Organization October 7-8

I’m hosting and presenting on what feels like an important theme; how can organisations become more conscious? https://www.consciousorg.net/ (Note the website is being updated – correct dates are in October, not September)

How do you approach speaking gigs? What’s your advice?

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