What question would you like to have answered about ‘conscious organisation’?

On 7-8 October I’m proud to be hosting an event that brings together 14 of the most incredible thinkers – well, 13 and myself 😊

This is going to be an engaging event, not a carousel of powerpoints, we’ll be learning together.

I have two brilliant offers I can share as conference convener:

ONE – of everyone who likes and comments on this post at https://www.linkedin.com/posts/antlerboy_conscious-organisation-activity-6845607854129471488-fVYp, I will randomly select THREE people to get free tickets to the event

TWO – I can offer everyone in my network a 50% discount – just use the code CONS50

The link: https://consciousorg.net/


We have the most incredible range; #futurism, #artificialintelligence experts, systems changers, Daoists, soul coaches, writers on organic organisation, mature masculinity, what being human means, and so much more

The quality of our speakers kind of speaks for itself:

Kashmir Birk

Sujith Ravindran

Paul Werbos

Geordie Keitt

Katrijn (Katryn) Van Oudheusden

Ardita Karaj

Reiner Kraft, PhD

Jody Deane

Dr Lynne Sedgmore CBE

Joan Lurie

Thomas Eckschmidt

Dov Tsal

Jerome Glenn

At least three of these folks have their own Wikipedia page!

AND they are down-to-earth, practical, and they’re coming to *engage* in discussion and to work together to support growing consciousness.

So join us on 7-8 October from 9:30am EST to explore together.

You may find answers. Or better questions 😊


What would be your question to explore?

#innovation #future #personaldevelopment

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