What do you think is necessary to accelerate #digital #innovation?

I am one of 16 professional advisers interviewed for advice on how to manage accelerating enterprise digital transformation in these uncertain times.

The publication from TechPros.io / Network Sunday is at https://techprosio.foleon.com/network-sunday-and-techpros-articles/accelerating-enterprise-digital-transformation/cover/

What’s fascinating is you get a very different tone and personality of the business from each interview!

The top tips I get from the whole are:

1- focus on good customer experience / #customerrelations first – slow down to make sure you really understand what you’re doing for the customer

2- remember your people work from positive motivation – help them feel good about successes and learn from failures, since digital will involve both. Train and upskill them to deal with the pace of change

3- be realistic about what tools and technologies – including machine learning, ‘AI’, and ‘RPA’ (robotic process automation – screenscrapers) can do. Smash the jargon and focus on what works

4- focus on collaboration around value streams, whether in an agile ‘team of teams’ working virtually, or a traditional organisation in an office

5- learn what works and what doesn’t from the experience of others

6- don’t shy away from ‘fixing the plumbing’ – improving what’s broken can bring better results than whizzy new ideas

I’ll share more of the RedQuadrant perspective in a future post, though you can read me in there!

What are your top tips for digital acceleration?

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2 thoughts on “What do you think is necessary to accelerate #digital #innovation?

  1. Check out my new book:”Navigating Complexity: the essential guide to being nice to people to make profit and fun while not destroying the planet in business and management’

    Full of what was common sense before the internet…

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