What’s your most controversial view about digital transformation?

We should all just straight-up refuse to use the phrase “digital transformation” from now on. There’s only organisational transformation.

That was David Durant, a major #publicservice and #localgov digital guy

I’m stealing it, though, because I agree.

Mobile Blogging in the early 2000s - Development Log

Here I shared ‘top tips’ from 16 professional advisers: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/antlerboy_accelerating-enterprise-digital-transformation-activity-6865914557689421824-mLp2

This is what *I* think:

1) slow down to go faster – the biggest risk is strategic debt and no benefits realised, because you didn’t actually focus on how to better create citizen and community value. Plan to learn.

2) free up your people to build really deep understanding of citizen/customer needs and actually respond – then run around like crazy to work out what that looks like and how to support it.

3) get your sights set higher than just better processes – how can digital help your communities, your place, your citizens to build on their strengths?

4) make sure *you* have the power in the digital change relationship -and spread that power widely. It will be a blend of in-house and contractors and really trusted consultants that gets you through. Never let your relationship with any supplier be ‘too important to fail’ – that’s when you’ve created dependency.

5) make it modular, composable, open-sourced, and bloody well adaptable to the future – most of all, start from basics.

Fast networks, desktops that work, software that does what the users need. Remember – no technology is better than bad technology.

6) make it part of wider change and improvement (ditch the word ‘transformation’). Software will eat the world. But we’ll still have challenges in structure, logistics, people, strategy – and environmental challenges!

7) don’t learn from the published stories of others – get under the skin. Avoid the old canards:

– Ignore ‘channel costs’ – a dangerous myth.

– Remember that 80% first point of contact resolution is the riskiest, costliest balance.

If you want the buzzwords: benefits realisation, ethnography, community development, service design, capability, smart client, organisational learning.

The perspective of RedQuadrant digital lead Gerald Power is here:

>> Taking a step back before the next big leap in digital transformation

Taking a step back before the next big leap in digital transformation

See my piece here:

>> Accelerating Enterprise Digital Transformation: Professional Services Firms and Their Paths to Success http://bit.ly/mv-redquadrant

And a case study of some of our work:

>> HM Courts & Tribunals Service, customer directorate planning and delivery support: http://www.govtransformation.org/uncategorized/hm-courts-tribunals-service-customer-directorate-planning-and-delivery-support/

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One thought on “What’s your most controversial view about digital transformation?

  1. Permission to publish the below.

    Are you RIPE for change?

    ————————————————————————————— The R.I.P.E. Approach ———————————

    “Digital Transformation” says nothing about results achieved, or costs.

    Just “we are going to pay lots of money to digital suppliers for years for nothing in particular, because we are such bad managers”.

    The useful term would be: Results Improvement Process for Efficiency (RIPE).

    RIPE =. Defined as: A systems improvement, using any efficient strategies, not necessary ‘digital’ at all; based on quantified improvement stakeholder values, with best cost-and-time levels available.

    Assumption: the only sane and proven approach to this, is continuous incremental strategy-delivery, and result measurement, starting this year, hopefully this month. Suppliers will be contracted for results payments. Major IT system replacements will also be done incrementally, by improving current IT systems, however awful, in early continuous incremental changes to deliver highest priority results. Those who do not know how to do this need retraining in incremental methods.

    For more detail, my gift to UK government.

    1. SUCCESS Book Folder (Pages and pdf) https://www.dropbox.com/sh/w1hnv5u6an7gqqc/AAB2GhRiJ2iWAEC8tdvV3aFra?dl=0 2021, Free gift from author it UK Civil Service Only. Intelligent, idealistic, and motivated people only.

    2. Musk´s Methods https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ufzvgduznhx68bs/AAAmsR_Hbdeg_hliOfD3QpQSa?dl=0 (Free from author) in process Nov 2021. Not a book. A collection of insights into Musk’s Methods, which parallel Planguage/Evo. With my interpretation of Musk’s Intent. This is a practical validation of incremental value/costs improvement over many years, with great opposition from authorities and competitors. See also Dyson [4]

    3. Systems Enterprise Architecture (SEA) https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1t8uwy9xxu52tl5/AACYDtWQ0EDCTZ6D-pJIaSM4a?dl=0 30AUG2020 Digital book free. (for sale at Leanpub) Videos (free) available on request. This book is quite detailed, about how to do it, like quantifying values, and decomposing big architecture into smaller increments.

    4. Dyson, James. Invention: A Life. Simon & Schuster. Same message and method, and detail on ‘bad UK Goverment policies resistance’. Incremental value delivery at all times, with proven improvements. UK’s richest person I hear. No thanks to government.

    5. Governeering: Government Systems Engineering Planning. By Tom Gilb https://tinyurl.com/Governeering (FREE), 2020 (for sale at Leanpub) If you want detailed proof of UK public service (like NHS) incompetence in planning.

    6. There is considerable additional material, in other books, papers, videos (BCS 2020) most referenced in the ‘References’ of my books.

    7. Should a top key change agent, highly intelligent, idealistic, energetic in UK Civil service want to discuss this with me, I am Her Majesty’s humble voluntary servant. Hard to imagine that such a government person exists, but I can hope.

    8. The problem of course, is not ‘digital transformation’, it is culture change in direction of Results Improvement Process for Efficiency (RIPE).

    ————————————————— end of submission———————————————————-


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