What’s your dream role – if you didn’t even have to leave your current job?

Mine involves #systemschange#collaborativedesign#innovationfor #socialjustice, and #metaconsulting 🙂

People talk about ‘side gigs,’ at least when they’re trying to be trendy.

But I’m a consultant – and the sort of person who does this sort of thing – so I end up wearing a number of hats:
– RedQuadrant (a network consultancy)
– The Public Service Transformation Academy (a not-for-profit partnership social enterprise)
– trying to support SCiO – Systems and Complexity in Organisation(SCiO, the systems practice professional body)
– curating and sharing systems | complexity | cybernetics at www.syscoi.com

And I’m usually involved in at least a dozen consultancy, development, delivery, and internal projects at any time.

This new thing is a bit special though. I’ve been working with the people behind Coeuraj for a few years, watching their strategic journey and supporting capability development.

They are a transformation practice that exists to build a more inclusive, collaborative, and sustainable world. They use collaborative design to confront systems at odds with the people they are intended to serve and deliver inclusive ways for groups to work together across boundaries and interests.

Coeuraj bring together bright people, excellent methods, a clear ethical focus and genuinely interesting, challenging work.

I’m going to be a part-time Transformation Lead over the next few months, joining one of the most dynamic and intelligent groups of people I’ve had the pleasure to meet. As well as delivering client work and overall support, I’m helping them to increase (even more!) their focus on learning-in-practice.

It’s an exciting opportunity to be part of something different-but-familiar, to support the evolution of a growing business with big plans and ideas and to learn together.

Pretty cool, huh?

So – what about you? What would your ideal ‘side gig’ be?

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