Transduction – leading transformation – Issue #45

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Mythopoesis and family systems, neurons in fungi and autopoiesis, food sustainability, microscopic tardigrades, the invention of hallways and sad mangy pumas, McKinsey and Seinfeld and using time wisely, erratic justice and rat-running motors, creation of autocrats, fines for the underlings, neolithic figures and ‘the female brain’, the benefits cap and increasing child poverty, Lakshmi in Pompeii and Heathrow covid misery, tax avoidance and, sadly, a content warning for discussion of teenage suicide.
These are a few of the things in this week’s edition.
Top phive of the week
What do you think this story is about?What’s the relevance for management, leadership, innovation? A village is terrorised by a horrific dragon. There’s an uneasy, pathetic balance, based on the village paying regular tributes to the dragon. But over time the dragon’s demand for gold, riches, and maidens grows ever more unbearable. So the elders go to the bravest, greatest young warrior, and, with tears … Continue reading What do you think this story is about? →
Harnessing the full potential of social enterprises for public services and to meet local needs. 25 May, 9.30-17.30, Central London.E3M are hosting a webinar on the topic of harnessing the full potential of social enterprises for public services and to meet local needs. Date, 25 May, 9.30-17.30; Location, Central London. To register your place, click here.The post Harnessing the full potential of social enterprises for public services and to meet local needs. 25 May, 9.30-17.30, Central London. appeared first on
Teacher Tom: Thinking Of Things And Doing ThemReflections on teaching and learning from
The Public Service Transformation Academy – about us and our offersThe Public Service Transformation Academy is a not-for-profit social enterprise, led by RedQuadrant with partners including NCVO, Browne Jacobson LLP, E3M, TSIP, nesta, Basis and members of the Public Service Transformation Network. Our mission is to drive better outcomes for people and communities by developing the local, civil, social and health sectors’ capabilities to collaborate, […]The post The Public Service Transformation Academy – about us and our offers appeared first on
public | service | transformation
LondonLivingStreets on TwitterWho would have imagined, even 5 years ago, the City of London having 15mph speed limits in place?
Sarah Davidson on TwitterRecall being instructed in the fine art of constructing a hierarchical cc list on my first week in the civil service. Was never the same after the advent of email…
Rob Horgan on TwitterTwo bypass stories in @ncedigital this morning – two v different decisions taken by different councils… if nothing else this highlights the need for an updated NPS as quickly as possibleRoadBuilding on TwitterCOVID19 #China | ‘Control your soul’s desire for freedom’: Drones and robots to #Shanghai residents in lockdownResidents aren’t allowed to leave their homes even to collect essential
Kathy Evans on TwitterCan any of my twitter public management geek friends point/link me to the old (New Labour) council performance KPIs framework?Remember it? You had to either put it thru an A2 printer (if you had one), or sellotape several A4 sheets end to end, there were soooo many indicators?!
Katie Arnold on TwitterChannel 4 does not cost the public any money. It’s profitable. It supports an independent TV production industry across the UK. It nurtures new talent. It invests in investigative & foreign journalism like no other. C4 is an asset to the UK. There is no good reason to
How Fake Money Saved Brazil : Planet Money : NPRAn economist and his grad-school buddies tricked the people of Brazil into saving the country’s
Benjamin P. Taylor on TwitterAnother truly shocking step in the war on enterprise in general and small business in particular. The only ultimate answer is to remove the distinction between forms of income and tax business (and rent) income the same as employment. Financial
eigenrobot on Twitterwhenever i hear arguments from schools that we need to do such and such a thing because of child or teen su*cide i laugh. it is a bitter laugh but it is a laughdo you know what the best documented trend in youth su*cide
systems | complexity | cybernetics
Fundraiser by Ellen Lewis : Help Juanita finish her PhDHelp Juanita finish her PhD Fundraiser by Ellen Lewis : Help Juanita finish her PhD Shared on behalf of Prof Gerald Midgley, who says: Juanita Bernal Alvarado is a Colombian PhD student who is doing exceptional systems research to support conflict resolution, mediation and a culture of peace in Colombia after a 50-year civil war. […]
Normal Accidents, High Reliability, Wicked Messes (ST-ON 2021-08-09) – Coevolving InnovationsNormal Accidents, High Reliability, Wicked Messes (ST-ON 2021-08-09) April 4, 2022 daviding 0 CommentsChoosing topics for a Systems Thinking Ontario session, it seems as though the term “Normal Accidents” was not one familiar to many, particularly those who were not old enough to recall popularization coinciding with the 1979 movie The China Syndrome.  The interest […]
Investors in Change – training from the School of System ChangeHow can funders drive innovation and impact to address complex challenges such as the climate crisis? 🌍To explore this question, funders in philanthropy, impact investment, and the public sector are invited to join our 5-week ‘Funding in a complex world’ module, starting in June.Learn more: online module is the first in a series from […]
neuron-like electrical activity in fungi (preprint)neuron-like electrical activity in fungi… Wendy Hasenkamp on Twitter: “@evantthompson @birchlse Related, this preprint claims neuron-like electrical activity in fungi…” / Twitter Replying to Evan Thompson: “My paper, “Could all life be sentient?” is now out in a special issue of Journal of Consciousness Studies on “Animal Consciousness” edited by Jonathan Birch”
Jay W. Forrester System Dynamics Courses – System Dynamics SocietyLearn System Dynamics Concepts from Jay W. Forrester. The founder of the field.The Jay Forrester Seminar Series has been revamped and improved, and is now available as a more accessible, on-demand, online course! The original consists of seminar series conducted by Professor Jay Forrester in the fall of 1999 for his Ph.D. students in System […]
Systems in Quotes vs. Systems Without Quotes:Originally posted on Harish’s Notebook – My notes… Lean, Cybernetics, Quality & Data Science.: Humberto Maturana is one of my favorite authors who has helped me further my learning of cybernetics. Sadly, he passed away recently. In today’s post, I am inspired by Maturana’s ideas. One of Maturana’s famous ideas is “autopoiesis.” I have…
Job: Assistant Professor (Systems Thinking, Education Focused) – Birmingham Leadership Institute – 99406 | University of BirminghamAssistant Professor (Systems Thinking, Education Focused) – Birmingham Leadership Institute – 99406 (6) Assistant Professor (Systems Thinking, Education Focused) – Birmingham Leadership Institute – 99406 | University of Birmingham | LinkedIn We are  currently recruiting an Assistant Professor to work with us  at the University of Birmingham, Birmingham Leadership Institute to set up and deliver our […]
Catherine Grace Kelly on Twitter: “Do any of my followers know where I can find free resources/examples of how to develop a theory of change that acknowledges and highlights systems/complexity whilst being simple and easy to understand? Is it even possible?”Do any of my followers know where I can find free resources/examples of how to develop a theory of change that acknowledges and highlights systems/complexity whilst being simple and easy to understand? Is it even possible? #EvalTwitter (1) Catherine Grace Kelly on Twitter: “Do any of my followers know where I can find free resources/examples […]
Alastair Parvin on TwitterIn response to this question, here is an (amateurish) attempt to explain why I think Christopher Alexander’s ideas are so important, and why – as well as transforming software and the web – they will (eventually) transform the way we make buildings and
Ivo Velitchkov on TwitterOntologies for @RoamResearchGet them from… Draft documentation at…And their story in this
visakan veerasamy on TwitterA floor plan designed by an algorithm, ie a concept in a machine conceptualised by humans – looks a lot like nature…
Systems Change Alliance on TwitterA quick look at five key steps we can take to make our food systems more
Rants Drive Rev ☯️🏴😻 on TwitterThread on David’s ongoing work to clarify the uses and misuses of developmental/‘Kegan’ theory and the many contexts of systematic rationality.Quote TweetDavid Chapman @Meaningness · Apr 5Excellent discussion of adult developmental stage theory. I started writing a piece a few days ago about the truth and usefulness of the theory (both questionable!). Zak Stein says some of what I was going to. I think he concedes a bit too much though…
🧠Slava Bobrov on TwitterA microscopic tardigrade going for a stroll through some
organisational development / transformation
priya on TwitterCorridors were invented in 1597Everything around you was once a concept in a human’s
Pumas Ruled an Argentinean Park, Until a Disease Arrived – The AtlanticWhat Can One Disease Do to a Landscape? After the vicuñas in Argentina’s San Guillermo National Park caught mange from domesticated llamas, the world around them changed.  By Ed Yong Pumas Ruled an Argentinean Park, Until a Disease Arrived – The
Florian Ederer on TwitterEncouraging the designation of a team leader dramatically raises the probability that groups escape from an escape room. #NBEROrgEconI’ve rarely seen a more convincing first figure in a paper.
Benjamin P. Taylor on TwitterDeeply disappointed @imaginecurve whk used to have actual customer service now have a typical useless bot from @kustomer (part of Facebook) which force-fits your requirement to the wrong pattern and then still won’t let you send an actual message to a
Bucco “Buyback” Capital on TwitterImagine asking Jerry Seinfeld if McKinsey could help him be funnierImagine subscribing to
priya on Twitter“Neanderthals in caves had all the material resources that we have today. The main difference between our age and the stone age is the increase in knowledge.”
ethics in public service
BBC Politics on TwitterLord Pickles tells Grenfell Tower fire inquiry he has “an extremely busy day” as he urges chairman to “use your time wisely”After a break in proceedings the former minister, who is giving evidence, apologises if he “seemed discourteous”
Marvin on TwitterGiven waning, perhaps over 6 months, and R0~10 we need 90% of the population NOT susceptible for steady state.That means 90% of us must either be boosted or catch it every six months for steady state even without an immunity escape mutation.NPIs + boosting only
Dr Dan Goyal on TwitterOmicron is far more dangerous than the Flu.Many have bought into the “Covid is now like the Flu” narrative.So here’s the science without the scientific jargon.Judge for yourself.TLDR: Like for Like – IFR X 6 Flu; Mortality risk X 32
David Brindle on TwitterIf local government’s voice seems muted on the woeful inadequacy of the #socialcare share of today’s rise in NI, bear in mind it’s pre-election
Eric Feigl-Ding on TwitterI cry for England —#BA2 hospitalizations have now exceeded old #Omicron’s peak—which were merely 3 months ago. So much for stupid mass infection natural herd strategy.This is @borisjohnson & @sajidjavid ’s horrible British exceptionalism.HT @Antonio_Caramia
Seb on Twitter368 Covid deaths were recorded in the UK today, the highest number for over two months. The government’s mask-free, test-free (or should I say test-charging) government has blood on its hands. Where’s the outrage? Where’s the commentary? Where’s the grief? Where’s the coverage?
Tristan Kirk on TwitterTottenham man given £2,200 fine by a court for going out in lockdown ‘without a reasonable excuse’.This is the single biggest fine I’ve come across for simply going outside without a good reason, and the more I’ve looked at it, the more concerning it has become…
Alex Raha (🦠🦠😷 ,💉💉💉) on TwitterIt’s more dangerous for me to go & work in local hospitals now rat-running motor traffic is back in Crystal Palace. When lockdown came, our family swapped the cost of running 2nd car for an e-bike as the quicker, cheaper way to go to work with the NHS in Croydon &
Occam’sRazor 🐟 #GSBOUT ❤ on TwitterGovt cuts £330m from NHS budget and gives it 13 prioritiesThe government has reduced the NHS revenue budget for 2022-23 by £330m, after the Treasury refused to fund the Department of Health and Social Care for additional ongoing covid costs, HSJ
Nick🇬🇧🇪🇺🇺🇦 on TwitterConcerns expressed in Whitehall staff about fines issued to those who broke Covid laws. One insider told BBC they’d heard junior members of staff had been fined while senior staff had not & this was “disgraceful”. No 10 confirms PM has not received a
Jessica Simor QC on TwitterThe best thing Cummings has ever written. Those who prop up dishonourable leaders, so often enable them to become autocrats and even tyrants. We have seen this over and over again in history. Democracy dies where dishonesty is allowed to
Richard Aedy on TwitterSo, this may be the Covid, but I’ve been thinking about something @JEChalmers said on #QandD to the effect of: It’s cheaper to have full time public servants, than private consultants. A thread 1/
environmental and social justice
55 Tufton Official Spokesperson on Twitter“Brexit” has cost HMRC £50-100bn. That’s why they have to raise YOUR tax today.
my sisters in sarah on Twitterlisten up current and future dads! my father was an excellent parent to me and i want to share some of the outstanding parenting choices he made. this is the in praise of my father
Dean Burnett on TwitterThis is absolutely the worst thing I’ve seen about brains this yearFemale friends, take a few deep breaths before going into the thread. It’s painfulKudos to @m_wall for flagging this up without swearingSuffice to say, all claims made are utter
History Defined on Twitter7000-year-old Neolithic figurines from Romania, called “The Thinker” and “The Sitting Woman”
Dame Woke BunnyHugger 🐝 🌱💙 🇺🇦 on TwitterMy daughter was literally ‘held’ by the Met for sitting in a park with 2 friends in Nov ‘20 when it was permitted to be with 1 other person not in your household. As she was a minor (16) phoned me while they held her & said I would be fined if she reoffended within a
Sam Freedman on Twitter: “The benefits cap is one of the worst domestic policies of the last few decades. Just disastrous, as the Govt *knew* it would be.…”The benefits cap is one of the worst domestic policies of the last few decades. Just disastrous, as the Govt *knew* it would be.Quote Tweet Imran @imran_1 · Apr 1Replying to @Samfr 20 years ago since the ‘war on single mothers’ was declared over but poverty rates for children in lone parent families have been rising due to punitive policies 63% of those hit by the benefit cap are lone parent families – 110,000
Brandon Wolf on TwitterLemme tell you a story.I was outed at 17. A mom learned that I had a boyfriend & alerted anyone who’d listen. She howled about my “corrupting influence” & insisted that my gayness was contagious.Peers were pulled from my classes.Others stopped showing up to practice. (1/8)
more brain food
Gareth Harney on TwitterThis ivory statuette of Lakshmi – a goddess of wealth revered by early Hindus, Buddhists and Jains – was found in the ruins of Pompeii in 1938. The 25cm statuette is evidence of established Indo-Roman trade by the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD. ‘Secret Cabinet’ of Naples
Eric Feigl-Ding on TwitterMass infection spillover—“Chaos” at @HeathrowAirport . Hundreds of flights have been cancelled or delayed as airlines have been hit by staff absences due to #COVID19. 3 hour queues—some flights delayed 24 hours. How is ‘let it rip’ good for economy?!
Kamil Choudhury on TwitterOutstanding, he is securing the raw materials which drive Tesla’s share
Journal of Art in Society on TwitterSeriously old sock ~ child’s split-toe left-foot sock, multi-striped with plant-based pigments, 1,700 years old, from ancient city of Antinoupolis, Egypt. (Typical, the right-foot one is missing. Please check your sock drawer)…
Neil Morrow on TwitterI recall the Jimmy Carr & Gary Barlow defence that “it wasn’t against the law”. It failed. Neither of them were the Chancellor of the Exchequer. #RishiSunak will try “she’s my wife, not a politician” defence. It will fail too. He’ll resign or she’ll
Yonette Joseph on TwitterHow to save your own life:Black woman with history of blood clots: “I need to have a CAT scan of my lungs.”Nurse: “I think all this medicine is making you talk crazy.”Woman: “No, I’m telling you what I need: I need the scan immediately.“
Nick🇬🇧🇪🇺🇺🇦 on TwitterThe situation in Kent has now gone beyond anything sane.It’s entered the theatre of the absurd. Quote TweetBloomberg UK @BloombergUK · 21h Traffic on major routes in Kent has been brought to a standstill again due to delays in Channel crossingsA 23-mile stretch of the M20 was closed to store thousands of lorries heading for the Port of Dover or Eurotunnel

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