Apportunity 2022 — the solutions platform

What’s one question you would like this incredible lineup of thinkers and entrepreneurs to answer?

Here’s a really exciting conference — one which is specifically about ‘finding solutions’ to pressing problems, using the power of innovation, entrepreneurship — and technology.

Apportunity 2022 brings together the world’s most inspirational founders, global leaders, senior investors and rising stars to collaborate and share ideas — a platform for a whole ecosystem to consider and explore purposeful ways to drive change.

The speakers are, frankly, amazing — they’re innovators and speakers on technology but they are the people interested in the most critical global challenges caused by our historically incoherent business practices.

As you’d expect from the Requisite Agility space, these are big thinkers who have a lot of experience of taking action. (And this is driven partly out of #india — the cradle of so much tech innovation, grappling with so many of the core problems of humanity’s future).

I can highly recommend it and many of these speakers are worth the entry price alone — and you can get 50% off using the discount code: CONF50

(And if you are a small startup, government or third sector organisation dealing with wicked problems where technology might help, contact me for more)

#apportunity #RequisiteAgility

5 thoughts on “Apportunity 2022 — the solutions platform

  1. my question…

    Tomorrow, you meet President Zelenskiy
    in a lift going up from the ground floor to the 25th floor,
    by freak chance both of you are in same 5 star hotel in Bonn,
    both dog-tired, at midnight, a long day,
    and you have 30 seconds as the lift slowly ascends.

    What would you do/say/offer/want/whatever?


    answer my question NOW as you read this, without thinking, answer now, and write whatever you thinksaydowotever – write it down now.

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    1. Oh sorry, LOL – you actually answered my question in the piece 😀
      It was a good question and a sincere question (and I’ll pass your question to the organisers) – it’s just that on LinkedIn, despite 8,586 views to date, nobody actually did! (Answer the question, I mean)


      1. quite, both of usassumed context. file under affordance, salience, KM, structural coupling, etc

        i think it’s a good question to put to your guru pack.

        it needs very careful setting up, as in stand up comedy, careful.

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