Transduction – leading transformation – Issue #52

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This week I have been in the very, very pleasant Vancouver Island, supporting m’colleagues at Coeuraj, a systems change organisation – a great experience.So a shorter update from Montreal airport (it’s complicated)…Also our systems thinking input to the Carbon Capture Deep Dive with The Systems Change Alliance has been postponed along with their conference for operational reasons – watch this space!
CoeurajWe are a transformation practice. We help people address change by finding the solutions they hold within
systems convening, systems thinking, and systems practiceA session for the systems convening community – June 13, 2022 12:30-1:30pm UK time (free)What light do systems thinking and practice shed on systems convening? What can they add?
Systems leadership, change, theory, and practiceMon 11 July 2022 18:30–20:30 UK time, SCiO Virtual Open Meeting – July 2022 (free – two speakers)Systems Leadership and Systems Change are very popular phrases at the moment – search the web for a sense (and search if you really want to boggle your mind).Some of it is really good, some of it is risible, and much has little to do with systems thinking or systems practice.This session will explore some of the existing territory and dimensions and sketch out Benjamin’s approach.Benjamin will draw on two of his articles from last year (but reading them isn’t necessary to attend): and
Control, demand, need, or customer purpose?The distinction between demand, need, and supply is a critical one for business and public services. Are you focused on control? Demand? Need? Customer purpose? I keep coming back to this because it’s a powerful way to direct focus. My definition is that a service co-creates value with and for the customer, and that our …
What can the past of work teach us about the future?They say we tend to overestimate progress in the future, and underestimate it in the past. So looking back might tell us something about the future of work. Here are some things that stand out for me: we had a bar in the Town Hall for several years after I started at the council. And in …
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PRE-LAUNCH: Reclaiming Our Freedom and Accountability with Peter Block | The Great Community Collaborative Tomorrow, June 14:00pm – 5:30pm BSTPRE-LAUNCH: Reclaiming Our Freedom and Accountability with Peter BlockTomorrow, June 14:00pm – 5:30pm BSTZoom MeetingAdd to CalendarGoingMaybeNot Going31 members are goingThe last two years have put many of us in touch with our world differently. Many of us have been given a fresh opportunity to revisit the ways in which, and from where, we work. […]
Living from absentia: ententionality and the curse of eternal hungerWhere is the wendigo ceremony of today?
Teacher Tom: “What Do You Do?”Reflections on teaching and learning from
systems | complexity | cybernetics
Roche – human biochemical pathwaysBiochemical Pathways – let’s just use this instead of that influence map about obesity policy, what do you say?
‘Through Her Eyes’ by CWiST ~ Jun 10 at 7 am PT, with Helen Sanson‘Through Her Eyes’ by CWiST ~ Jun 10 at 7 am PT. Join Us! Message from CWIST: We are pleased to invite you to our second in our series ‘Through Her Eyes’ (a CWiST Offering), in dialogue with Helen Sanson. Join us as we learn from Helen’s journey into Awareness Based Systems Thinking and […]
The Purpose of Purposeful Entities in Purposive SystemsIn today’s post, I am looking at the idea of “purposeful” versus “purposive” in Systems Thinking. The two words are based on “purpose”. “Purposeful” means that the entity is autonomous and has freedom of choice. The entity is free to…
Being a scholar-practitioner, humble inquiry, human and non-human systems – David IngBeing a scholar-practitioner, humble inquiry, human and non-human systems May 30, 2022 daviding Being a scholar-practitioner, humble inquiry, human and non-human systems – Coevolving
Business Value, Soccer Canteens, Engineer Retention, and the Bricklayer FallacyOriginally posted on zwischenzugs: Having the privilege of working in software in the 2020s, I hear variations on the following ideas expressed frequently: ‘There must be some direct relationship between your work and customer value!’ ‘The results of your actions must be measurable!’ These ideas manifest in statements like this, which sound very sensible and…
Ken Behrens: A cybernetic detective story of algorithms, accents and augury | ANU School of CyberneticsAround August last year, during Canberra’s second COVID-19 lockdown, the name “Ken Behrens” began appearing all over Canberra; in traffic signage, in bumper stickers – and even in the ACT COVID-19 check-in app’s bug report. Who was this mysterious Ken Behrens, and why was their name suddenly ubiquitous?
The emergence of polarization in coevolving networksOriginally posted on Complexity Digest: Jiazhen Liu, Shengda Huang, Nathan Aden, Neil Johnson, Chaoming SongPolarization is a ubiquitous phenomenon in social systems. Empirical studies show substantial evidence for opinion polarization across social media. Recent modeling works show qualitatively that polarization emerges in coevolving networks by integrating reinforcing mechanisms and network evolution. However, a quantitative and…
Scar trees & living typefaces | ANU School of CyberneticsHomepage of the School of Cybernetics at the Australian National
How the Brain ‘Constructs’ the Outside World – György Buzsáki How the Brain ‘Constructs’ the Outside WorldNeural activity probes your physical surroundings to select just the information needed to survive and flourishBy György Buzsáki on June 1, 2022Scientific American June 2022 Issue How the Brain ‘Constructs’ the Outside World – Scientific
Searching for Life, Mindful of Lyfe’s PossibilitiesOriginally posted on Complexity Digest: Searching for Life, Mindful of Lyfe’s Possibilities by Michael L. Wong, Stuart Bartlett, Sihe Chen, and Louisa Tierney We are embarking on a new age of astrobiology, one in which numerous interplanetary missions and telescopes will be designed, built, and launched with the explicit goal of finding evidence for life…
Ak Dan Gwang Chil (ADG7) – Full Performance (Live on KEXP)http://KEXP.ORG presents Ak Dan Gwang Chil (ADG7) (악단광칠) performing live in the KEXP studio. Recorded November 5, 2021.Songs:Yeong Jeong Geo RiHee HeeThe Dan…

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