Transduction – leading transformation – Issue #55

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This week,
need-to-demand and front/back office
18 tips from 18 years in consulting
evens coming up on systems change, the future of work and more
some exciting links from New Local
Purpose from 1943 and polycentric leadership from 2022
Complex systems for the most vulnerable and a proposal for a viable Peruvian state

And – one of the things that please me the most is seeing other people using ‘my’ ideas. Recently a couple of books which I think are genuinely significant seemed to have little bits in them that I don’t think would have been quite the same if it wasn’t for something I’d written, and this week Steve Shorrock did a great piece which flipped my ‘four quadrants of thinking threats’ into positives for ‘the spread of ideas’.
Of course, nothing is any one person’s idea – the two book ‘influences’ were the results of conversation and of a blog post where others contributed more than my original post, respectively, and ‘my’ four quadrants thing came out of a SCiO board meeting. But it is nice to feel that one has had some positive influence – perhaps inspiration to finish my big writing project… one of these days 😉
Demand management is a very bad idea — think about the need-to-demand curveMost of the good ideas in #customerrelations, ‘customer relationship management’, ‘demand management’, #digital and #technology in general are VERY BAD ideas unless you continue to deeply learn what your customers actually need. It goes like this: 1- what customers ask for and actually need is specific to their context.But we only hear what the customers want …
On the Spread of Ideas: Four Roles and Four Traps Originally posted on Humanistic Systems: Much progress in the world depends on the spread of ideas. There is no shortage of good ideas, and no shortage of bad ones, but ‘good’ and ‘bad’ are relative to our positions, and success and failure are not dependent on either. The success of an idea depends on a…
18 tips from 18 years in consultingWhat lessons would you pass on about your industry, given the chance? Here are 18 I put together…. >>Sales and growth1. Sales is a profession — but should never be separated from delivery, or you will sell what cannot be delivered 2. Most sales happen through relationships, especially with happy clients 3. Be opportunistic, strategically — growth usually comes …
6 July, Carbon Capture Deep Dive: A Systems Change PerspectiveAn online conference 10:00-21:00 on 6 July Join Brian Von Herzen (Climate Foundation), Paul Streifeneder (Pleistocene and Permafrost Foundation), Kim Bye Bruun (Northern Lights), Benjamin Taylor and Laura Griffiths (Red Quadrant) and others discussing one of humanity’s most pressing concerns: can we create a systemic approach to climate change mitigation through carbon capture? Panelists will […]
11 July, SCiO Virtual Open Meeting – July 2022Mon 11 July 2022 18:30–20:30, online This virtual open meeting, hosted by Benjamin Taylor, will involve several short presentations of general interest to Systems and Complexity in Organisation’s members and others. It will be free and held via zoom. Find out more and register your interest now!
NEW DATE: 12 July, The Public Sector ShowPublic Service Transformation Academy COO Sarah Johnston and Chair Terry Rich will be hosting this event, which has been moved to a new date due to the train strikes. Tickets are free for public sector workers and we can get discounted or free tickets for our associates – just ask. Find out more and book your place now!
Creating an effective integrated care team – using a systems approach, with John Mortimer and RedQuadrantWe are extremely proud of the work John and others did as part of RedQuadrant’s support to transformation at Devon County Council. We helped to prototype an integrated care team through team experimentation. In this case study, John discusses their journey of discovery that led to service effectiveness and reducing resources. Watch or read this […]
13 July 2022, The future of work is: no jobs, Benjamin Taylor and the Future of Work in ScotlandTime: 7:00-8:30pm, Wed 13 July 2022 Benjamin Taylor will be joining the Future of Work in Scotland for an intriguing perspective on the future of work. Find out more and register now!
20 July 2022, Systems thinking and systems convening for carbon capture: advanced workshopHalf day online workshop This workshop, facilitated by Benjamin Taylor and Laura Griffiths of Red Quadrant, will be a dynamic exploration into what systems thinking can offer in creating a more integrated, and collaborative vision within the field of carbon capture. Find out more and book your place now!
New research: Covid mutual aid groups are here to stay. New Local.Right Here has produced new repserch showing that over four in ten of the local groups which sprang up in the first days of the Covid pandemic have become permanent hubs of neighbourly support. Find out more about their research
The Voluntary and Community Sector. From “integrated care” to “social prescribing” and into social value & social capital. Greg Fell.Greg Fell recently presented at conference arguing that the voluntary and community sector are the secret weapon for joining up care for people. Check out his conference presentation on his blog
Teacher Tom: The Cult Of Right And Wrong AnswersReflections on teaching and learning from
How We Did It: transferring assets to communities. New Local.In New Local’s latest How We Did It event, they spoke to Zoe Sharratt of Gateshead Council. They’ve passed around 45 buildings and spaces to communities. Read more about their experience
Where are the System Leaders? | Systems Leadership, Lessons & LearningI have just read another article on what it means to be an effective system leader. There is little to argue with in the qualities the writer identifies: system leaders must be good at building connections and trust, they must be willing to embrace challenge and difference, they must catalyse innovation and drive purposeful collaboration.…
Identity issues: How two councils rewrote their narratives. New Local.Narrative-building, rebranding, story-telling: all complex things, especially when it’s about something as big and mutli-layered as a whole place’s identity. But York and Hackney councils are examples of building purposeful, authentic place-based narratives – and what can be achieved as a result. Read Katy Oglethorpe’s article at New Local
Relating systems and design – RSD11 Call for Contributions, University of Brighton UK October 13-16 20220RSD11 CALL FOR CONTRIBUTIONS RSD11 Call for Contributions There’s still time to submit papers and presentations for RSD11. This year the programme explores transdisciplinary connections and perspectives that augment systemic approaches. We plan to hold sessions online and in-person at the University of Brighton from October 13 to 16. Here’s the brief – please share with your […]
We mapped the ‘super-highways’ the First Australians used to cross the ancient landWe now have a glimpse into where early Indigenous Australians likely travelled all those tens of thousands of years
Perspectives on complexity | Research Festival 2022 – University of Plymouth with Schumacher College 29 June 2-6pm in person or on ZoomPerspectives on complexity | Research Festival 2022 Rethink how you approach complex research challenges Part of the Research Festival 2022 Event co-hosted with Schumacher College 29Jun 2022 14:00-18:00 Rolle Marquee, University of Plymouth, Drake Circus PL4 8AA and online via Zoom Perspectives on complexity | Research Festival 2022 – University of
A Ubiquitous Collective Tragedy in TransportOriginally posted on Complexity Digest: Rafael Prieto Curiel, Humberto González Ramírez, and Steven Bishop Front. Phys., 16 June 2022 A tragedy of the commons is said to occur when individuals act only in their own interest but, in so doing, create a collective state of a group that is less than optimal due to uncoordinated…
System of Systems Thinkers – speaker series – Women in Systems Thinking – Systems Thinking MarinLink may not resolve in wordpress so I am repeating it here:
The Viable Systems Model – three introductory links not shared here beforeMetaphorum Viable System Model Toolshero Viable System Model (VSM) Wikipedia
Overview | Creative Systems Theorysource: Overview | Creative Systems Theory Creative Systems Theory presents a comprehensive framework for understanding change, purpose, and interrelationship in human systems with special pertinence to making sense of the times in which we live and the challenges before us. It is significant both for the practical usefulness of its ideas and for the fact […]
What would it take to reimagine the future of collaborative governance? – ArantzazulabSource: What would it take to reimagine the future of collaborative governance? – Arantzazulab What would it take to reimagine the future of collaborative governance? Part 2 of a 4-part series- What we learnt about systems convenors and why they can help us to reimagine future-fit organisations and governance. At the beginning of this year, […]
Cybernetic governance of the Peruvian State: a proposal – Rodriguez (2022)Cybernetic governance of the Peruvian State: a proposalRicardo Rodriguez-Ulloa AI & SOCIETY (2022)Cite this article2053 Accesses2 AltmetricMetricsdetailsAbstractThis paper aims to make a proposal to govern the Peruvian State under the umbrella of management cybernetics, following the paths of the viable system model (VSM), proposed by Prof. Stafford Beer, enriched with other soft and hard systemic methodologies […]
Complex systems for the most vulnerableOriginally posted on Complexity Digest: Elisa Omodei, Manuel Garcia-Herranz, Daniela Paolotti and Michele Tizzoni Journal of Physics: Complexity, Volume 3, Number 2 In a rapidly changing world, facing an increasing number of socioeconomic, health and environmental crises, complexity science can help us to assess and quantify vulnerabilities, and to monitor and achieve the UN sustainable…
Moses and Systems Thinking in Abuja Nigeria – Systems Thinking MarinMoses and Systems Thinking in Abuja NigeriaThis blog entry includes a request for funding for the initiative discussed, systems thinking in Abuja, Nigeria. I review how I came to know Moses Agbara as his mentor. As the founder of Systems Thinking Marin, I have found only one other effort to promote systems thinking at a […]
Value for Money (VfM) Core Course and Modules on Evaluation, Complexity and Cost-Benefit Analysis – CECANCECAN Associate, Dr Stuart Astill (, has just released two series of dates for his very popular training programme exploring Value for Money (VfM) – with special half-day modules looking at VfM under complexity and VfM in evaluation as well as a one-day module on cost-benefit analysis. The next runs of this training series are taking place in […]
Article: Coaching for Awareness-Based Systems Change — Illuminate SystemsArticle: Coaching for Awareness-Based Systems Change Article: Coaching for Awareness-Based Systems Change — Illuminate
Behavior, Purpose and Teleology – Rosenblueth, Wiener, Bigelow (1943)DOI:10.1086/286788Corpus ID: 16179485Behavior, Purpose and TeleologyA. Rosenblueth, N. Wiener, Julian BigelowPublished 1 January 1943PsychologyPhilosophy of Science [PDF] Behavior, Purpose and Teleology | Semantic Scholar
Decentralising leadership: from monolithic to modular and polyce… — Danielosource: Decentralising leadership: from monolithic to modular and polyce… — Danielo Decentralising leadership: from monolithic to modular and polycentric 0x8B58 May 14th, 2022 Why talk about leadership? Let’s bring it back to the people. If you’ve ever been in an executive position, been an influential DAO member, or founded a new organisation, you’ll likely viscerally know […]

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