What are the costs of separating ‘change management’ from delivery of change?

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I’m looking forward to speaking at #ACDC22 — Australasian Change Days 2022 — Shifting Balance, Recalibrating Worth


It’s an event where I always enjoy the other speakers and the fantastic community — online and for those lucky enough to go to Perth.

It provides fantastic opportunities for personal development, creativity, and innovation for anyone involved in ‘change’ — and in organisational life, I think that’s everyone these days.

This year, my topic is ‘change management should never be separated from change: prove me wrong’

The problem is that lots of change in organisations separates the change itself from the ‘change management’.

My view is that this is at the heart of the failure of change initiatives.

I will offer two big ideas:

> Are we dealing with a ‘step change’ and a ‘new world’, or not?

I’ll point to the continuity in the change and the change in the continuity.

> The distinction between integrated and non-integrated change.

We will discuss these in a typically whizzy, workshopy way.

Then three hypotheses about integrating change management — even if it isn’t supposed to be integrated — that we will work on together:

> How to close the loop for quicker feedback.

> Understanding structural coupling as the main force of change

> Introducing *real* prototyping

We’ll work through these, identify some of the barriers to integrated change management, and share some thoughts about how to overcome them.

That’s my take, and I look forward to a deep and enjoyable discussion.

What’s your view on the separation of change management from the actual change?

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