What small groups have really made a difference to your life?

I don’t mean mentors, one-to-one relationships where someone really helps you develop and grow.

And I don’t necessarily mean friendship groups – or family – the people we are thrust together with and comfortable (or even uncomfortable) with over a long period of time.

I mean those groups we land up in which usually have a diverse makeup, which wouldn’t necessarily be the group you put together, but which become a safe place for learning, development, even growth.

Where you challenge each other, somehow. Support, possibly just by being there. And learn, from each other and from the thinking the others generate in you.

I’ve had work teams like that at times, circles in developmental work, and occasionally experienced it in unexpected places – Sunday League football, making music. Roleplaying games!

I think that’s what I unconsciously set out to offer in the RedQuadrant tool shed.

We bring together small groups to study together, learn approaches, perspectives, lenses, tools, and methods for transformation work. But that’s sort of a McGuffin – an excuse which allows the action to happen.

The real action is being in a small circle with a diverse group and a shared intent, spending time reflecting and playing with ideas, sharing what you actually think about things.

If you’d like to join, I’m hoping to start a new cohort in the autumn – drop me a line 🙂

Find out more at


What small groups were you in that made a difference?

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