Transduction – leading transformation – Issue #62

So, it looks like I’m switching to fortnightly 🙂

Last week I flew in to London Luton airport, late (the stewardess said, to another passenger ‘oh, 90 minutes is nothing these days’), and missed my ‘wizz bus’ and they didn’t sell tickets on the National Express bus but at the machines inside, and two out of three were broken. The only working one was being used by someone who said he was a refugee from Syria, who already had a train ticket and was at the wrong machine. I tried to help him (and think I did).

I still can’t shake that all the way through the arrivals hall, there were signed and even a stand welcoming refugees from Ukraine, in English and both their languages – as there should be. But I never saw anything like this for people from Syria, Iraq, or even from Yugoslavia. It really bothers me.

It has helped my mental health to be outside the UK regularly recently, and I found the first twitter thread linked below particularly useful. I keep repeating a think I heard in a tweet in 2020 – ‘this is the year the US finds out what it’s like to be invaded by the Americans, the the UK finds out what it’s like to be colonised by the English’.

What hurts is the destruction, the loss, of hard-won progress. I wrote about this in But there is always a next step, always something to ‘build back better’. On Twitter this week, someone said ‘the UK is like one of those football clubs being trashed by their owners. Does this end with the fans having to buy the club back and start again in the Conference League?’ They didn’t mean it positively, but that did make me a bit more cheerful.

Images this week are mostly from Midjourney – a fascinating thing. See them, and the below with nicer formatting, at

James Plunkett on TwitterOof, the doom-scroll is especially doomy today. Three thoughts on staying positive. 🧵
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Who are you at work?I would like to declare today Bring Yourself to Work Day. It’s actually not a significant holiday or holy day or anything anywhere in the world that I can find! It is the beginning of the Orthodox Church Year, and around the ‘start of term’ in many places, so it feels appropriate 🙂 What do I … Continue reading Who are you at work? →
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Three things I learned about fixing WhitehallImproving policymakers’
BREAKING: Off-payroll IR35 Reforms to be repealed from April 2023The Chancellor has today committed to repealing the Off-payroll legislation, which were supposed to reform IR35, but instead held businesses
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Townes Van Zandt – Pancho & Lefty Lyrics | SongMeaningsDon’t have an account? Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more. It’s super easy, we promise!
On doing “being ordinary” – Sacks (2010) (Chapter 16) – Structures of Social Action, Ed Maxwell Atkinson16 – On doing “being ordinary”Published online by Cambridge University Press:  05 May 2010ByHarvey SacksEdited byJ. Maxwell Atkinson On doing “being ordinary” (Chapter 16) – Structures of Social Action
The thermodynamics of life taking shapeThe thermodynamics of life taking shapeby Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo (UTokyo-IIS) The thermodynamics of life taking
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The Great ‘Reset’?Thorbjørn Mann: The ‘Great Reseat’? (A slightly revised version of an earlier FB post.) Another new, evil bugaboo if not just  one more disguise or reincarnation of ‘socialist’, ‘neoliberalist’, but essentially authoritarian tyranny schemes? I happened  lo listen to a lecture urging resistance against the WEF-driven ‘Great Reset’ that is using humanitarian crises like the Covid-pandemic […]
What we talk about when we talk about context | Dourish (2003)[I urge you to get beyond the abstract, it is worth it!] What we talk about when we talk about context What we talk about when we talk about context | SpringerLink What we talk about when we talk about context Personal and Ubiquitous Computing volume 8, pages19–30 (2004)Cite this article Abstract The emergence of ubiquitous computing as […]
Cybernetics Society Presidents Series 20 – Cybernetics and Tribal Dynamics – Omar Kharoti and James Bryant – YouTubePresidents Series 20 Cybernetics and Tribal Dynamics 15 Sept 20220 Omar Kharoti discusses Cybernetics and Tribal Dynamics followed by James Bryant introducing a conversation about Discovering Cybernetics (1) Presidents Series 20 Cybernetics and Tribal Dynamics –
How Claude Shannon’s Concept of Entropy Quantifies Information | Kevin Hartnett in Quanta – daily emails, systems thinking is one of the key topcisAshby’s Law of Requisite Variety Ashby’s Law of Requisite Variety
The Complexity Lounge – NY Meetup group and videosThe Complexity Lounge New York, NY, USA The study of complexity helps us to be open to new perspectives, consider non-linear non-causal relationships, and encourages an experimental mindset. We created the NYC Complexity Lounge to discuss Complexity Science, Complex Adaptive Systems, Organizational Change, and Agile / Adaptive approaches to work and everyday life. We share […]

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