Transduction – leading transformation – Issue #83

Happy Easter/Eostre/Ostara, Chag Sameach, Ramadan Kareem, Happy Hanuman Jayanti, Kalo Pascha, Vaisakhi diyan lakh lakh vadhaiyan! 🌷🕊️🌙🐒🌾🕯️

Link Collection:

My weekly blog post: In this blog post I reflect on my experience working in government and the limitations of policy. I recently listened to a podcast about how government can drive innovation and creativity through policy entrepreneurship, including setting up prizes and competitions, using the convening power of political leaders, and making policy changes.

In this post, I reflect on the separation between transactional service design and service design fully engaged with place and people. I express disappointment that service design outside of digital defaulted to face-to-face contact point design and lost track of business process analysis. I see glimmers of hope that there might be a synthesis coming in service design and mentions recent tenders driven by savings that seem to cover the territory between actual citizen-involved services and digital.

Maps, Territories, and Optimization: A Talk with Dr. Michael Zargham – YouTube

Monthly events mailing from SCiO (Systems and Complexity in Organisation) – Belgium, Espana, UK, DACH, Nederland, Ireland

The article explores the potential of systems thinking as a force for good in the world by rediscovering and developing its pragmatist roots. Pragmatism provides an appropriate philosophy for systems thinking, with Warren Weaver and the three pioneers of the systems approach adopting a pragmatist orientation. Critical systems thinking and practice can enable systems thinking to realise its potential, embracing pluralism and bringing about improvement in the world.  Pragmatism and critical systems thinking: Back to the future of systems thinking – Integration and Implementation Insights – Jackson (2023)

ENSO Seminar Series – Human agency in the age of algorithms, Abeba Birhane Mozilla Foundation April 6, 2023, 9 a.m. UTC

The widespread use of AI/ML is a practice of mapping and manipulating the physical, mental, and social world, but humans and the social world cannot be neatly mapped or predicted. Despite this, researchers and tech companies continue to develop tools claiming to classify or predict human behavior. The integration of these tools has implications for our techno-futures, including how languages are being altered due to automated content moderation.  The Santiago Boys – podcast coming summer 2023 from Evgeny Morozov

Human memory may be unreliable after just a few seconds, scientists find:

Supercentenarian and remarkable age records exhibit patterns indicative of clerical errors and pension fraud:

100 years of road numbers:

Are we on the verge of having a ‘Universal Teacher’?

Humans, huh. What a trip.

His software sang the words of God. Then it went silent.:

Social care reform funding halved for England, government confirms:

Places available – Outcome Based Commissioning: a 10 step introduction – Cohort 6. PSTA, 17 May onwards. Find out more here:

Local Government Explained Part 2: What do councils do? – New Local:

A teacher writes…
Reasonable Mistake:

A fascinating blog on alphabets, symbols, and communications – and some insight into the history of emojis.
BabelStone Blog : What’s new in Unicode 8.0 ?

An Oral History of Laurel Canyon, the Sixties and Seventies Music Mecca:

From “Kubla Khan” through GPT and beyond – 3 Quarks Daily:

Oscars 2023: The philosophy of Everything Everywhere All at Once explained:

Everything Everywhere All At Once:

The DAIR Institute:

Creating Colonisable Land: Cartography, ‘Blank Spaces’, and Imaginaries of Empire in Nineteenth-Century Germany:

The Tyranny of a Red Free Zone:

Morozov twice in one day…
The problem with artificial intelligence? It’s neither artificial nor intelligent | Evgeny Morozov:

It makes you wonder how rotten England is, and how long it has been rotten. Very sad.

Every fire brigade in England plagued by bullying and harassment claims, report finds:

Very sad. I saw all the movies of Kusturica here and many more, attended a Top of the Pops filming, and hosted Dead Air on Riverside 97.9fm in the graveyard shift (then, for some reason, got up and cycled over to do reviews on the morning news!)

London’s Riverside Studios to enter administration:

Home Office: Child asylum seekers will be restrained if they ‘resist’ deportation:

Episode 58: Donald Hoffman:

A very short introduction to Balint groups « The Balint Society:

Britain’s new stability is built on soft foundations:

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