Transduction – leading transformation – Issue #85

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·      Metacrisis

·      complexity science paradigm

·      Indigenous technologies

Link Collection:

Upcoming Events:

Hamburg, Operational Excellence and Process Transformation. 14 June 2023 – 16 June 2023

Unlock your organisation’s full potential with the operational excellence and process transformation summit! Join industry leaders, experts, and peers for two days of insights, learning, and networking on the latest trends and strategies in process optimisation and business transformation. Learn how to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and drive growth in today’s rapidly changing landscape. Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to gain a competitive edge and stay ahead of the curve!

Metaphorum Conference

8-10 June, Manchester

Register by: 01 May

Metaphorum is a Community of Practice Developing and Applying the Work of Stafford Beer. It has developed a weekly seminar series and is now hosting an annual conference. In our conference we seek to review how Beer’s original ideas, among other systems approaches, offer clear criteria and tools to facilitate emancipatory systemic changes. We also invite people to reflect on the barriers and obstacles to emancipation and to systemic change. RedQuadrant’s own Benjamin Taylor will be presenting.

Find out more:

Systems Thinking Summit

15-16-17 May 2023 online 7-10 pm New York time

Dr Joseph Kasser, Bruce Lerner and Dr Raid Alqaisi are convening the first ever systems thinking summit, to assemble some of the key thinkers in Systems Engineering and Systems Thinking. It will provide a forum to discuss the state of the systems thinking profession and will be an independent place for people to meet and learn what they need to know and where and how they gain gain knowledge. Participants will be exposed to a range of educators, experts, beginners and discussion group owners and exchange information. RedQuadrant’s Benjamin Taylor will be presenting. 

Find out more:

Public Sector Show

4 July 2023, in person, County Hall, London.

The 11-year strong Public Sector Show drives the UK’s public procurement marketplace forward through extensive 1-1 networking, collaboration and premium insight into the latest ways of working, best-practice case studies and policy updates.

On 4th July, it will be bringing together leading commercial figureheads, innovators and policy leaders from across the public sector, with the collective aim of improved service delivery, enhanced efficiency and value for money. RedQuadrant’s own Benjamin Taylor will be chairing.

Find out more:

Summer 2023 National Commissioning Academy by the Public Service Transformation Academy

Expected start: June, running 8 months  

We are delighted to announce the launch of Spring 2023 National Commissioning Academy which is accredited by the PSTA and Cabinet Office.  

Described by the former Civil Service Chief Executive John Manzoni as ‘one of our flagship development programmes for leaders’, the Commissioning Academy is designed to equip commissioners and change makers from across public services with the insight, know-how and tools to transform outcomes for the communities we serve. 


  • A blended, interactive programme over the course of 8 months  
  • Masterclass workshops (interactive, with input of ideas and frameworks)  
  • action learning/coaching  
  • expert speakers/short videos to watch   
  • peer challenge  
  • practical action planning on a project or priority you are working on  
  • membership of a nation-wide alumni  The Price is £2,300 + VAT. For more information, follow this link or contact  

Outcome Based Commissioning: a 10 step introduction Cohort 6, by the Public Service Transformation Academy. 

Expected start: 17 May until 12 June  

Everyone is working hard to maximise the impact of their limited commissioning budgets. The need to make a real difference to citizens and outcomes has never been greater. 

 This development programme has been designed to assist all those charged with deploying commissioning budgets to improve overall effectiveness, efficiency and agility. It is an intense, introductory programme designed to give you an overview and develop the way you work. It complements the PSTA’s Commissioning Academy learning programme (designed in collaboration with the Cabinet Office).   

The cost is £850 per person – discounts are available for those who book the Commissioning Academy as well, and for early and group bookings.   

For more information, please follow this link or call 

Please contact Sarah Johnston or 077010 49836. 

My Weekly Blog post:

I discuss the importance of being a rebel against authority to create something powerful, while engaging with power and authority. I emphasise the need to think about the reaction to the reaction when setting up an approach to leadership, management, or consultancy. If you’re interested you should explore the 10,000 Swamp Leaders podcast. Check the link to read in more detail.

Other Links:

The metacrisis refers to the interconnected and systemic nature of various crises facing humanity, requiring a cooperative and paradigm-shifting approach to problem-solving. Check the link to read in more detail.                                                                                     Metacrisis Match Funding Round: Call for Applications and further sponsors

Bobby Azarian, a cognitive neuroscientist and science writer, discusses the complexity science paradigm, its implications for all domains of life, and how it updates the synthesis Ken Wilber offered decades ago. Check the link to read in more detail.                                                                                                                          GAMEIFYING REALITY w/ Bobby Azarian – The Integral Stage podcast By Bruce Alderman / Layman Pascal

Indigenous technologies “could change the way we design cities”:

‘kindly do the needful and please revert’ – Indian English – Wikipedia:

Is it time to tax wealth?        

Free Shop White Paper:        

r/dataisbeautiful on Reddit: [OC] 196 Years of Passenger Rail in Great Britain:

Botanist Stefano Mancuso: ‘You can anaesthetise all plants. This is extremely fascinating’:

The End of Computer Magazines in America:

The rise and decline of the NHS in England 2000–20 – How political failure led to the crisis in the NHS and social care:      

This Algorithm Could Ruin Your Life:

Inside the Suspicion Machine:

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