There are two fundamental outlooks on life

There are two fundamental outlooks on life:

➊ To regard the Universe as a gigantic machine hurtling through time and space to its final destruction: individuals in it are but tiny organisms with private lives that lead to private deaths: personal power, success and fame are the absolute measures of values; the things to live for. 

Individual little entities cannot help being in constant conflict, hastening the approach of their final destruction.


➋ To regard the Universe as one composite whole; an organic entity, progressively driving towards greater harmony and unity whose individual parts exist as interdependent aspects of one whole realising their fullest life where communal contentment is the absolute measure of values. 

This philosophy strives towards greater social responsibility.

The world is more complex than either/or. But…

So much of business, society, life is the former – some believe this is the only possibility.

What would you most like to learn how to do, to help make the latter view a reality?

Join me, Brian “Ponch” RiveraDave SnowdenJohn Wattersnora bateson and many others – for free, live – to explore:

Book at ☞


Systemic Leadership Summit 2021 - regenerating human(un)ity

My talk is on the developing journey of a complexity / systems / cybernetics person – through disruption, trauma, realignment, chaos and choppy seas… it might get personal, because it *is* personal for all of us.

By the way, a little disclaimer – the conference itself is free – over 20 valuable sessions, and the recordings for 48 hours after each session – but if you want to, you can pay for extras (longer term access and transcripts, I think) – and, if you do, having booked for free on my link, I get some of the money 🙂

Book here:

The quote above is a shortened version of the ANC Youth League Manifesto, issued in March 1944 by the Provisional Committee of the ANC Youth League, including Nelson Mandela. You can read the full quote (framed as one of race) here:

I should say that along with those named above, and the wonderful Jennifer Campbell MA MMC PCC ORSCC who organises these events every year, there are *LOADS* of *amazing* speakers:

★ Margaret Wheatley, who is *such* an inspiration to so many (and may we have many more productive disagreements)

Jan Jacob Stam of the Bert Hellinger Institute

Marita Fridjhon on ‘creating a sense of belonging’

Philippe Bailleur on the critical topic of trauma

Joan Lurie on shaping leadership in complex adaptive systems

Alexander Laszlo, Ph.D. on co-creating

Kathy Allen on shifting to regnerative vital systems

Phil Cady, DSocSci on systems, decisions, complexity

Siets Bakker on systemic field work

Katherine Long on embodied experience

Arawana Hayashi on embodied intelligence! …I’d attend 🙂

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