Organisational Jedi Knights have to confront themselves with love

We’re all subject to the drive to impose our models on the world, and the drive to divide the world into ‘better’ and ‘worse’.

When the world breaks down our models which allow us to act and understand what happens, the pathological response is to force the world to act in a way which matches our models. Organisational metrics often destroy what they measure, because they’re a mechanism for reward or punishment, or destroy the complexity of the situation to make sense to the centre.

And each time we make a distinction and call one part ‘better’ and superior to the other, we create the lust to power that drives organisational politics, a way of seeing the world which makes it natural that a few benefit while the others toil. The Dark Side manifests when we are forced into an understanding of the world in ways dictated by others.

The Jedi shows another way is possible, lights up the ways we are brought to see the world – the Courtly Rituals to see the doctor, or the boss for an annual review. And the affordances offered to us -things we can make use of for our own purposes in life.

What have your Jedi powers shown you about organisations, or yourself? About the lust to power and control?

#organisations #society

Aged Luke Skywalker from The Rise of Skywalker, with the caption 'ultimately, Luke is still fighting himself

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