Are you fit for your job? Are you stretched?

The Force in organisational life creates a crackling, positive energy around organisations where work *fits* the people and *stretches* them – and a crackling negative energy which will create dangerous lightning strikes where this is off.

Work – roles and tasks – needs to make a space which fits and stretches you in these dimensions:
– Expertise and capacity – technical skills
– Level of work and thinking – the time and scale and complexity over which your decisions will play out
– Your adult development – how you make sense of the world

…and your current appetite for development, which will vary over time – if the rest of your life is in chaos, you’re recently bereaved, going through divorce, and/or dealing with a mental health challenge, you will be less capable than when everything in your world feels right to take on new and bigger challenges.

Everyone notices all of these dynamics working, or not. If they feel that reward and position matches this ‘fit’, motivation will be high, and vice versa. 

The wonderful variety of humans at work means the inevitability of many hierarchues of work. The Jedi works with these dynamics of The Force.

What signs do you pick up when ‘fit and stretch’ isn’t working?


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