Who wants to become an organisational Jedi?

Over several posts, I’ve outlined a dozen ways the Force operates in organisational life. The unseen energy that permeates all living things, that binds our working galaxy together.

If you can’t see these forces – the dominant/other patter, the essential Viable Systems organisational logic, the impact of trauma and the lust for power – they shape your life.

If you can, you too can be an organisational Jedi, working with the forces that just seem inevitable to others.

If you’d like to learn more and how to do this, you might want to come and join the RedQuadrant tool shed – a co-learning space where we learn how to work with these underlying organisational dynamics through study, practice, and discussion. More information is below if you’re interested.

What’s one thing in organisational life you’d like to learn how to change?


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