‘How the heck do I make decisions in this chaos?’

This was a client, but it might as well have been me! With things changing so fast, unpredictably, and it being hard to know what you can rely on, how can we make any kind of business decisions for 2021?

Sure, we’ve learned!

– How much we don’t know – the degree of uncertainty we were actually always operating in

– How much we can cope with. If the pandemic, lockdown, economic impacts etc have shown us, it’s that we can keep on keeping on

In businesses I work with, decision-making has survived and improved in these main ways:

– realising how important the ‘thick data’ is – the actual stories of peoples’ lives, to go alongside the cold hard analytics

– increasing the effort to get the right information to really make decisions to the right levels of management – compared to how waffly and, ultimately, meaningless those meetings were before

– realising how many decisions need to be, and are, taken at the frontline – freeing people up to get on and do that, with only big strategic decisions out of their hands

>What’s your big learning about decision-making from 2020? How are you feeling about big business decisions in 2021?

Join us: https://lnkd.in/gGuQWwB

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One thought on “‘How the heck do I make decisions in this chaos?’

  1. ‘How the heck do I make decisions in this chaos?’”

    If only there were a decision-making model, based on ‘sense-making’, inspired by complexity theory! You could give it a weird pretentious Welsh name, like hiraeth or yakkydar. It could ascribe an aspproach to strategic action, based on a number of zones, like: chaos, complex, ordered, and so on…

    If only!

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