What I know about #systemsthinking

Watch the video – and pay attention to the sigils!

  • It’s about #sensemaking hard until you know what is really going on, to get to the root cause of wicked problems and solve them
  • Everything is connected, so everything is a #livingsystem – it’s quite mystical, really
  • You start from designing an idealised future state
  • #Hierarchy is bad – we need leaders to run #systems instead
  • Agile is all about systems thinking, and so is Team of Teams, and other cool things
  • We’re educated to not use our critical thinking facilities – and anyway we only use 10% of our brainpower
  • It’s more powerful if you also draw on the solid insights of #neuroscience
  • Because of #complexity, nothing can be predicted
  • Systems thinking is old, but good, but limited. Complexity is brand new, and it’s a science, so it’s better. #Cybernetics is a bit old and weird, and only slightly disturbed people still study it.
  • The best way of telling them apart is to look at what people call themselves
  • But we’ll never approach the insights of the old Masters
  • The things on the left side are not as good as the things on the right side (but sometimes they switch the order, so you gotta be careful)
  • It’s confusing, but fortunately, there are a few true experts who can tell you the answer

What have you learned? Wrong answers only

Just to be clear, this was an April Fool’s day joke…
Everything (to the best of my ability) is wrong…

A real Easter Egg goes to the first person to spot at least 4/5 of the little jokes hidden in the video (with only one point for listing as many as you like in the opening/closing image)

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