Where do you learn best with others?

This week I spoke at my first face-to-face conference since the start of COVID – StretchCon in Budapest.

And what a conference it was! The full experience – a beautiful old cinema, a large and enthusiastic crowd, professionally produced, and I got to meet and talk with really interesting speakers and audience. The topics were #management and #leadership – from what ‘psychological safety’ really is, to the importance of documentation as a leader.

I spoke about my five core practices for leadership – and updated the introduction slide pack including an extensive reading list – just ask if you’d like the pack.

Many face-to-face and hybrid events don’t really feel worth the effort these days, but this one proved the value. Smart people, together, with stimulation from people with experience and a story to tell, excellent catering and lots to think about!

They even gave me this graphic representation of myself as a gift – never had that before 🙂

Ironically, it reinforced for me the value and purpose of the RedQuadrant tool shed – bringing a group of people together in a small circle to learn, share, reflect, and apply stuff together in support of my mission – to make the experience of organisations better, for customers and employees.

So, I decided to do a one-off– 30% off the first six months of membership of a tool shed cohort: access to the full ‘Leading Transformation’ 24 module video and online content, described by one professor as ‘at least Master’s degree level’, twice-monthly group sessions with me, and shared learning and support. Just mention ‘Stretch’ for the offer (or ask me for more information) – see https://bit.ly/RQtoolshedshowandtell

I learn best with others, with intellectual stimulation, and application in the real world. What have you found most useful?

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