I am in dispute with Hunter Boots

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Why I am in dispute with Hunter Boots.
It goes like this…
My delightful and charming niece and nephew needed new wellies. I wanted to buy them a present. And there was a sale at the very high end Hunter Boots. Hurrah!
The new WhatsApp channel ‘Wellie discourse’ was created, and after an exchange of screen grabs with my brother and sister-in-law, wellies were identified which
(a) didn’t cost the same as if they were made of gold and
(b) met critical customer criteria (viz: to be proper high boots so the rain doesn’t come over the top, and ‘fit with signature style’)
We were very nearly caught by the clever way they distinguish the child sizes by putting UK4, whereas for the adult sizes, they’re called UK4, but I’m wise to that after the Classic Adidas Debacle, so that was avoided! Then, the fun began…

The wellies arrived on a Friday at my local pickup place (I ordered them here so I could take them over to deliver personally). I was busy seeing family out of town and went to collect on Monday.
But, due to a mixup, on Sunday the driver took them back! No problem, I thought, I’ll hop on to customer services. They said they could resend me the pink pair, but since I’d snaffled the last pair of the sparkly rainbow Size 4s, they couldn’t send them back to me, They would eventually be ‘processed in the warehouse’ and put back on sale.
So, I ordered the pink ones to be sent back to me again, and after a bit of conferring on the Wellie Channel, ordered one size up of the rainbow sparklies.

The latter duly arrived, but no pink ones. Customer services again…
Well, because they weren’t processing a refund but were going to send me another pair of the pink ones…
…they have to wait until their warehouse operations have ‘processed the return’. The timeline was unspecified, but I would definitely be out of the country by the time they got around to it.
So I had to ask for a refund for those, and order another pair to be sent to my brother’s house. Meanwhile, I’ve run out of time to take the rainbow ones over but.. yes… they are back in stock on the website! So I have to return the larger pair I have via my local corner shop, and order, again, to be delivered.

The kids have no doubt had wet feet or unsatisfactory wellie experiences in the weeks this farrago has taken, and it beggars me how even the most expensive wellie dealer can stay in business if all this (carbon heavy) delivery and return is a regular occurence!
Isn’t it fascinating how one little slip — the courier taking back the boots before the waiting period had expired — sets of this chain of work which can’t be sorted?

We have so many slick processes these days, but the greebling continues — something always slips through the cracks and breaks the system.
Where do you see wellie return issues?

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