Transduction – leading transformation – Issue #74


Hello everyone, here’s the first Revue-free weekly update from me, thanks to Amber Griffiths who is now assisting. 

Likes, comments, and shares on any and all of this are very welcome and send a nice warning signal in these cold days! As well as confirming that someone is reading these things….

My conundrum of the day is this tweet:

Dan Goodman, @neuralreckoning

Naive question (maybe): Is there a definition of ‘computation’ akin to the mathematical definition of information (entropy/MI)? I don’t mean Turing machines. e.g. something that could determine the extent to which a group of neurons/synapses are signalling versus computing?

I gave (in a quote tweet and a reply) a couple of kinda-answers. What do you think?

Levelling up allocation ‘not based on evidence or deprivation’

Can anyone tell me what is going on here?! This seems… counter-typical, unexpected, and presumably it’s making a point. Or is it just an honest comment?! BCP audit delay ‘real concern for council’

Nearly a year ago – hardly less relevant as ‘levelling up’ is discussed again, in a different light… Commissioning, community, and ‘levelling up’ – a critical moment (and also

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