The Campaign Against Consultancy – do you want to join?

plain banners against a wood wall describe the campaign against consultancy and RedQuadrant's capability building

Are you fed up of consultants who
– create dependency and undermine the confidence and capacity 
– sell the same old solution whether it fits the problem or not?
– are more focused on position in their business than value to the client

Look, I’ll come right out – I’m a consultant.
A former member of the Worshipful Company of Management Consultants, no less. 

I love the combination of analysis, intellectual challenge, the complexities of helping people and organisations to be better, opportunities to perform – and maybe just a tinge of ego.
And consultants, managed properly, can be invaluable

But I believe that the true job of consultants is to do themselves out of a job.

The work is not just fixing or adapting the organisation or people.

Sustainability – doing the right thing – means passing on the skills for analysis and continual improvement, for understanding and rethinking – making the clients better consultants for themselves than you can be.

I think that might be true of most jobs.

What are you doing – whatever your profession – to do yourself out of a job?


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